Design & Development

Landscape Design

Our aim is to provide designs that realize your needs and expectations. Let us know what you require and we will provide recommendations to facilitate that process. We specialize in planting designs that are aesthetically intriguing and environmentally sustainable. Our team of specialists would be able to assist you in achieving your ideal garden.

  • Preliminary Site Assessment: WhatsApp your photos of your planting site to +65 8028 8304. We recommend taking wider view shots that capture the entire site and showing as much detail as possible. We would also require some additional information from you such as your name, contact number, address, email address, location of the site and any other requirements.
  • Actual Site Visit & Inspection: Our team will liaise with you via Call, WhatsApp or Email to schedule an appointment for a site visit and inspection to analyze the actual site conditions.
  • Submission of Quotation (Free & No-Obligation): We will require some lead time between 1 to 2 weeks or more (depending on the scale of the project) to prepare the quotation and would submit accordingly to you via email. We offer free and no-obligation quotation submissions.
  • Fees for Amendments, Site Layout Plans, Design Proposals & Artist's Impressions: Please note that there may be consultation and administrative fees for requests for amendments, site layout plans, design proposals and artist's impressions as these require technical expertise and time to execute the work.

Landscape Implementation

We have a dedicated team who are experienced and professionally trained. We ensure that landscape designs are implemented and managed with the highest quality standards. If you have a landscape design that you need to implement, let us know and we will source the plants and materials for you.

  • Expertise: Visit our page to view our team's qualifications and expertise.
  • Email Requests & Requirements: Please email us your list of requirements or bill of quantity (BQ) to and we will process your email request. Please note that we may decline your request to quote at our discretion.
  • Submission of Quotation (Free & No-Obligation): Should we decide to submit our quotation, we will send a free & no-obligation quotation to you via email. Please ensure that your list of requirements or BQ is final and complete as there may be administrative fees for any additional amendments, or changes in your requirements or BQ. 
  • Order Confirmation: Upon confirmation of the quotation or issue of the purchase order, we shall require a lead time of a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks or more (depending of the scale of the project and availability) to order the plants and materials.
  • Work Schedule: After the plants and materials have arrived, we will schedule and inform you of the work commencement date.
  • Work Implementation: Our team will execute the work on the work commencement date. During this period, we will provide photos and updates to you via WhatsApp, Call or Email about the work status and progress.
  • Job Completion: After the work has completed, we will organize a meeting for inspection and handover and acknowledge the service report of delivery order form.
  • Warranty Period: Our warranty or defect liability period is one (1) month. During this period, we will replace any plants that have not survived for you at no additional charge. 

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